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Brisbane - The Longest Day

After a few good results in the last few events, The Shooter is feeling pretty good and the game is in reasonable shape going into the Brisbane event.

As usual, the consummate professional, Shooter is at the golf course early, getting in the reps, doing the work. Range first to swing the money makers, get the action as smooth as honey dripping from a stick. It’s a process.

Starting on 17, I remember the golf course in pieces, played it about 10 years ago, bunkers right at 208 to fly, bunkers left starting at 245. Flush, split the bunkers, up on top of the hill. 126 to a centre flag, 9 iron starts 40 yards right, stays there, straight in the piss. Fuck me, that's interesting if not annoying as fuck. Quick double, not the start I needed.

Uneventful missed birdie on 18, birdie 1, make a few more pars. Back to 1 over is encouraging, grinding hard from that shit start. Short par 4, bunker at 245 to fly on the right, more at 289 on the left. Smash it over the one on the right, runs down to 60 short of the green, fuck me that’s good. Grind Shooter grind.

Perfect lie, pin on 20, slight false front, been practising these shots, this looks easy now. That’s until I land it 20 short of the flag, one bounce, spin, now I have the shits a bit, thought that was ok, not great, just ok. Look up just in time to see it roll off the green into a swale, now I’m more pissed off. By the time I get there, it’s now in a muddy tight lie at the bottom of the hill, short sided, I need to pitch it up over the bunker to a green that is sloping away from me, 20 feet will be great.

20 feet my ass, flub the fucker in the trap, found out the trap had no sand after I bladed the bunker shot across the green into a grate, take a drop, pitch it on, 2 putt from 6 feet for a fucking triple. Goodnight and get fucked.

Bogey the next, another double on the next and a couple of birdies and a double later and I had a day that was best summed up by the shot I hit into the last, hit a drive up the par 5, had 256 with a slightly helping wind, waited for the green to clear, players are finishing, all driving in, it seems everyone needed to cross this hole to get back to the clubhouse.

Green clears, only 4 groups watching now, take the 3 wood back slow and the cold top runs 135 down the left of the fairway. Hold the finish Shooter, hold the finish. What a fuckwit.

The 81 was the depressing and disappointing end to a long day. For Fucks Sake.

Worn out Shooter out.


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