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Hey ! So Glad You're Here.

So, you wanted to know more about The Shooter ! Join the queue I suppose.

Some would say Shooter is an enigma, mysterious, talented and truthful. A giving individual that has a purpose to give back to the game that has given him so much. Others may not be so kind.

The Shooter Project started as a way to to let others have some joy from reading about golf at all different levels, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, we love it all.

Now, some, like the other players I have mentioned by nickname only to protect them and their identity, will try and tell you that the posts are filled with grandiose ideas and half truths designed to make Shooter out to always be the good guy. I can categorically swear that that is not always the case, apart from Shooter always being the good guy, that part is true.

The posts are always written to try and give the reader insight into what its like to be competing every week, its an intense experience.

If you want an exciting trip through the emotions of a round, the edge of your seat suspense of coming down the last few with a lead, then this is for you.


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