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Where have you been Shooter

It seems The Shooter has been in hiding lately, the last review was for Rich River where the performance was less than stellar on Day 1 but Day 2 was back to the standard you would expect making 6 birdies.

Since then, the tour has been to NZ to play at Gulf Harbour where the practice round was the best effort, but played well enough on the second day to move upwards to collect a little cheque. Down to Christchurch where the ball started to find the middle of the face for a little while. Playing courses I have never heard of, mostly pretty good and managed to have some good results, just stacking up those novelty cheques.

After NZ we arrive back in Melbourne for a few days off or practice rounds really then a few events with ER (that's code for the golf course) being the worst event of the year, fuck me that round is definitely one I need to forget or it will haunt me forever.

Not sure how many people have played there but I had the 3rd hole to start on, hardest par 4 in the world, 7.30am, cold, wet, windy. Fuck me, how much fun is this.

Decent drive right hand side, pushed a 4 iron right, might be out of bounds, hit a provisional, hard left, first one is in, pitch it on, 3 jiggle. Fuck me double bogey start. Next hole, I’ve hit it in the fairway, 112 downhill, hit 52 to 2 inches. fuck yes, bounceback bitches. 3 jiggle the next for bogey, then again on the next from 20 feet, oh Jesus.

Its becoming apparent I cant get the ball on the fucking planet today and even when I finally get it on a green I three putt. That’s until I get to 15, driver hard left, into a cow meadow with grass 6 feet high, fuck that, don’t even look, i’ll reload that. Walk back to bag, get a ball, back to the tee, further left, for fucks sake. I’ll reload that, back to the bag, running out of balls, decide to hit an iron in the fairway. Nice triple.

Next is the narrowest par 5 in the world, smother hard left, full John Benet, the cows will like that one too. nice triple. Fuck this, its becoming depressing. The next is where I felt my golf had hit the bottom and the only way is up.

Longest par 3, playing 186, uphill into slight wind. 4 iron, ball hits the toe, by the time the ball goes off the end of the tee block its 10 yards left, straight into long grass absolutely dead in the hazard. Tee up a new one, lost 5 for the day now, second ball finishes within an inch of the first, both lost. fuck me, get one off the end of the tee Shooter.

Just coming off 2 triples I make a smooth little quad to stack up against them. Fuck. The best feeling for the day was walking off the last green.

A couple of good rounds around Moonah and Portsea around even par and a few collects later the last event at Gardiners Run is run and won, missed some cash by a shot. Plan is to leave the car in Melbourne, fly home for a week or so as its been a long time away, then fly back, collect the car and drive up for the two events in NSW in Mid March and then continue on to home from there.

All worn out Shooter out.


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