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We have made it, or have we ?

Shooter is now on YouTube, not sure if its good or bad but its there none the less.

A little insight to what happens in the real world as opposed to the written world, although I think the written word can still be entertaining, less swearing on video.

Sunday started like any other, Stickers on the range early working on swing theory 5674, he has not mentioned he is back for a while, maybe its for the better.

Shooter and Singlets arrive at the same time and Singlets makes his way to the range after Shooter gets stuck with the assembled media.......again.

RM, makes an appearance this week as well, I have decided to call him Rainmaker, not only because he hits the ball so high (doesn't get above the trees) also because RM is his initials. Easy transition really.

First tee, Stickers 5, Singlets 8, Rainmaker and The Shooter 0, zip, nada, scratch, zero, cero, nilo you get the idea. Singlets and Rainmaker vs Stickers and Shooter.

Drives away, fairways hit, all except for Shooter, its hard right on the hill, there is a group of social players out here today as well, not everyone is playing a big money professional game like us, I see them on the 9th tee, what a great day to be out.

Until some fat fuck hits a shot and decides that yelling "fore" doesn't matter, fuck me it lands 5 feet away. "Jesus Christ" Shooter yells, scared the shit out of me. Shooter sarcastically yells fore back to them so they know whats up. Fucks sake.

OK, back to the shot, 4 iron, laying it up, still a bit shaky. Then another one lands a foot from me, "Fore" yells The Shooter, stupid fuck is now waving at me, what a cockhead.

Almost killed by 2 social players before I've hit my second shot of the day. They are still waving and The Shooter is giving them the single finger salute.

Second shot is a thin block 4 iron straight into the trees, fucking social players.

Singlets finds it, grinning and chuckling, Shooter smashes through branches to get to it, its really dead. Try to punch it out with the same 4 iron that put it there, no good, try again, top, try again, now out into the rough.

Wedge runs off the back into a disgusting lie, flub that and 2 putt from 6 feet for a 9. It's the second 9 I have had in the past 2 weeks, both on par 5's. Fuck. Rainmaker makes birdie 4, 1 down, fucks sake Stickers do something.

2nd is a par 3, playing 144, front edge 139, wind across left to right. Not the easiest shot to hit today. Singlets hit it left, much better than his usual socket into the lake on this hole, Rainmaker hits a squeeze 7 iron, looking for a 140 shot, lands on the front edge and runs to 30 feet, quite a nice manufactured golf shot, this guy is good.

Shooter 8 iron, flush, lands on the front edge at 139.5 and stops, great shot there.

Shooter smooths the 15 footer into the middle of the hole for birdie. All square. Hows that for a bounceback 9 - 2.

Stickers makes 4 nett 3 down 3 for a win, Shooter makes birdie 4 on 4 for a win, after hitting a majestic 3 iron from 228 that just ran off the back, Shooter makes birdie 3 on 5, for the win, now all of a sudden we are 3 up. Fuck me, its a birdie fest, some credit has to go to Stickers, he did make a par on the 3rd. Jesus Christ, do something.

The rest of the front nine are halved, Stickers is happy, Rainmaker has battled and is probably +1, Singlets has made a noose out of his shoe laces, some tees and some of the local plantlife. He has one end tied to the cart but has not used it yet.

The new Ping's may be a hire set tomorrow.

Sweets arrives on the back 9, gets some filming done. I will put the link at the bottom so you can feast your eyes on some movie magic. If I am not nominated for some award this year I will be headless.

First 2 holes halved, Shooter birdies 12, to go 1 up the back, looks like Stickers has gone missing, although he did par the 10th.

The 13th is lost because Shooter couldn't hole a 4 footer to save his fucking life. Back to square.

Shooter birdies 14 to go back to 1 up, Stickers is walking around smelling flowers, Singlets has kicked his head off and Rainmaker makes par but realises its no good in this company.

Singlets puts his head back on to make a par with a shot on 15, that's better than Shooter's par and Rainmaker's par, Stickers has found some dandelions.

16 is halved between Stickers and Singlets and Shooter has been bitten by the Scotty Cameron electric eel called a Newport 2 and made another shit 3 putt.

All square the back, Stickers and Shooter have won the front and the match, its only the back to be decided. Stickers comes out of the trees in time to hit his tee shot, its not particularly good but the par he makes with a shot is very good.

1 up, 1 to play, I would rather be in our shoes than theirs. 18 playing long today, lay up with the second shot is the play, by the time we get to the green the quiet but steady Rainmaker has a 6 footer for birdie, Singlets has putted out for par.

Stickers has a 15 footer, misses right, Shooter has a 12 footer misses left..........again, fucks sake, putting will drive me from the game.

Rainmaker casually rolls his in for birdie to win the hole and save themselves $5. Good putt, but that sucks.

In the end Shooter holds up the team, Stickers is happy and has made a chain out of daisy's, Rainmaker is happy he birdied the last and Singlets is......... Where is Singlets ?

The screeching of tyres indicates he as gone.

Winners are grinners, lets have a beer.

Drinking for free Shooter out.

As promised, here is the link to the back 9 film.

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