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Storm the Castle - Redemption Part 2

Week one completed, feeling good despite the cough, runny nose, trouble breathing, no sleep, too much food and beer.

With some outstanding play and grinding, The Shooter moved back into the money for the first event of the year, couldn't have hoped for a better result. Well, maybe a better result wasn't taking a fucking 9 and having more penalties that I could count but we move on.

The plan this week and to have no 9's and no penalties.

Back to Natadola for the first of 4 rounds in the Sheraton Classic. The classic Shooter ballstriking was still evident but a couple of slips at the wrong time resulted in 76 swipes for the day, way way better than 89 though. Count it as a positive.

Round 2 was nothing short of a fucking clinic, the amateurs wanted to pay me $500 for the privilege to watch it, graciously as always, The Shooter just tipped his hat.

Superb driving, precision iron shots and a silky smooth putting stroke lead to a awe inspiring 5 under 67. Now that's more like it. The media circus was hectic to say the least, signing gloves and hats for kids, reporters everywhere and a small presser after signing the scorecard. I think they have it framed in the clubhouse.

Day 3 arrived, the buzz around the course was present, people had realised Shooter was here to win, eyes on the fucking prize.

10th tee again, flush the driver down the centre, come out of a 6 iron and it goes low right under a fucking palm tree, chunk it on the two putt for bogey, fuck its windy here. The paparazzi are hiding in the hay with the cows and horses, turn your flash off fuckers.

Natadola has a way to lull you into a false sense of security, it never fails, it pulls out your chair, it talks nice to you and buys you a drink then you realise, once you have relaxed a little that Natadola has slipped you a roofie, a roofie wrapped in a diazepam. Before you know it you are spread out, dribbling, disorientated, you are sore in all the wrong places and there is some liquid in your pants.

One small mistake can cost you big. 76 again for the second time this week. Not bad considering the start.

Day 4 starts out pretty good, along the lines of the other days, its par city for the majority of the day, and when it gets closer the the business end, The Shooter stands up and makes 2 birdies to close out the event with a 2 under 70.

This level of play seems to be catching, looks like I'm getting into a pattern, play well, sign card, straight to media, out to sign balls and gloves for the kids let them take selfies, just a normal day giving back to the game.

An added bonus was the money that almost paid for the 2 weeks.

Selfless Shooter out.


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