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New Year – New Shooter

new year new me

Some things didn’t change over the Christmas / New Year break but some things did.

The end of The Shooter’s rookie year was more of the same poor play and poor attitude, I played much better at the end of year Tour Championship after the worst practice round of the year where I decided it was too hard to continue playing this shit.

Made enough OOM dollars to retain my card and live to fight another day, finished 47th to go into the 2020 year looking at getting most starts should I enter the events.

Since the new year has started, the stats book has made a return and the attitude is much better, strangely the scores have been better too. Been beating up the usual regulars at Twin, Stickers has a new method (again) but has been practising hard, he hits more balls than Elton Johns chin, Singlets has a sore chest, neck, knee, toe, elbow and a handicap you cant fucking jump over, Blisters is telling everyone he is back but its strange when he plays up here he still gets jetlag, pneumonia, bronchitis, sore ribs and his latest heart attack that was miraculously cured by anti biotics. Fuck me how can I not win, two of these blokes are busted and broken and the other has more theories every week to know what he is up to.

Haven’t had a Chopper envelope for a couple of years, might have to start one.

Started the 2020 campaign on Friday the 24th by driving 12 hours to a small country town overnight called Stickerville, the town is fucked economically given all of Stickers embezzlement over the years. Then 5 hours drive the next day to Yarrawonga and 9 holes in the afternoon at Black Bull for a little -2.

Played Black Bull today with some members and had a nicely compiled 68 by making birdie on the last 2 to finish the round off.

Lets see if this form holds up.

No longer Rookie Shooter out.

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