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Last of the year


The time had come, 2015 was ending and the sun setting on another year of golf and dominant performances from Shooter. It was a year that Blisters finally realised that to take the cash from Shooter is no easy mission. Singlets, Stickers and Contribution already knew this, I think Blisters did know as well but had to be pummelled a few more times.

Here we were on the 1st tee at Twin for the last battle of the year, Stickers had a pedicure, solarium and a blow wave planned so he looked his best for another one of his “parties” he said this one would “pop” not sure how many grown men say “pop”.

Singlets and Sweets vs Contribution and Shooter, seems as though the handicaps may be a factor and Singlets tells me that he is now changed and has a new attitude, mmm heard that before, let’s see how many holes it takes before his head explodes.

All hit the first fairway and away we go, Shooter hits his second pin high left and is 50 feet from the pin, just another day. Singlets his a pull hook second over in the trees and it takes a while to search, find it and then chip it out. Strange thing is not a single fuck was said by Singlets, interesting.

Then the silence was broken by Shooter when he putted it from 50 feet, up the swale, across the green and off the other side, then a flub chip to 15 feet and a missed putt for 6. Holy Fuck. Holy Fuck indeed, what a cock up.

Apart from that cock up and Shooter almost holing his 2nd from 83 mtrs on 3, yes that is from 83 mtrs, fuck me that’s a long drive up there and yes the Shooter almost holed it, but again apart from that it was business as usual. That’s until the 6th.

Playing 109 into the strong wind, Shooter tries to hit a knock down wedge, lands on the front and stops. Singlets then from 108 sets up and hits a socket. Fuck, the silence was tense and we were waiting for the atomic bomb to go off.

Silence, Silence, Silence, tumbleweed, crickets and nothing. Singlets has a practice and walks off to hit the next, chips it to 25 feet, misses it, still more tumbleweeds, makes bogey and walks to the 7th tee. No belting his putter into the cart path, no taking divots from the asphalt, not even a mumbled fuck. My god, maybe Singlets is a better human.

Shooter and Contribution 1 down through 9 and we go on the get our heads beat in by Sweets and the new no swearing Singlets.

While the result was typified by Shooter making bogey down the last hole of the year, the turning point may have been that Singlets didn’t stab himself and his head stayed in 1 piece.

Bring on 2016.

Surprised Shooter out


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