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A little ray of sunshine - until......

The Shooter got out of Richmond as soon as the border pass was printed.

There were some encouraging signs in the second round of the PGA, the Driver was a little better behaved, more tinkering with the putter was not a bad result and it didn't rain as much.

The Shooter ground out a hard fought 74 in the second round, I am sure there should be an award for best bounceback. 10 shots is not a bad one. Another Senior PGA in the books.

After the long, solitary, soul searching drive home, The Shooter didn't pick up a club all week, always good preparation for a Sanctuary day.

Woke up a little late and had to spend more time with the media since Shooter has been away, signed an extra glove for some kids on the putting green, every one wants their pound of flesh. I just want to give something back.

On the range, Shooter was not hitting it great, lots of fat ones, pretty unusual to be fair.

Soft opener, casual 2 putt from 30 feet for par, always good to start ok.

Greenside trap on 2, splash it to 3 feet, playing partners acknowledge a good shot which is nice, pull that 3 footer like a 14 year old boy, bogey.

Greenside trap on 3 for 2 (par 5) flop it to 5 feet, hole that, back to even par. Back trap on 4 after flushing one club too many, good shot there to 12 feet, hole that.

Left short trap on 5, great shot to 3 feet, hole that. Just as well the bunker shots are coming off ok. Par 6 to remain even par on a day that isn't giving me much apart from a shoe full of sand.

Pull an 8 iron on 7 into the piss, that's different, this time I would have preferred the fucking bunker. Shooter hits a pure 80 metre pitch to 8 feet, miss it, double, fuck.

Tug a driver into the piss on 8, drop, flub the next, temperature rising, hit the next to 45 feet and putt it 8 feet past the hole, miss the next, pick the fucker up.

Hit a driver hard right from the 9th tee, sat in the cart while the boys played out.

Its now 32 degrees and 95% humidity, in the cart with me its 56 degrees and 500% humidity.

Went to the proshop at the turn and got a new Titleist driver out for a hit, it seems to swing great, feels fantastic, looks fantastic, fuck me, how many golf courses is The Shooter going to make redundant with this fucking weapon.

Hard toe straight into the piss. Not the edge of the piss, way in the middle of the piss, the lake is 500 feet wide for fucks sake. Anomaly, move on Shooter.

The one on 11 feels like it hit the face, I thought "feels soft, must be the new material, beautiful piece of equipment this".

Ball flies hard right, there is more soup over there, I am almost sure it carried the soup and went in the houses, I've never seen anyone that wide before and fuck me, I have played with some choppers. I think the new Titleist may not get another showing today. Damage is well and truly done.

11 was quiet, par 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, birdie 17, that's better Shoot, more like normal, arrive on 18 without too much more blood loss and thought it was fitting that I smothered the 6th Titleist for the day and it ended at the bottom of yet another lake.

6 balls down, blood loss not critical, all clubs still in tact, NCR recorded.

Just another round. For Fucks Sake. Tomorrow has to be better surely ?

Wounded Shooter out.

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