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Vietnam Shooter


Hey Wankers,

Another bunker, this time behind the 17th tee at DaNang Golf Club. I told Sweets it’s probably not the done thing and slightly disrespectful to take photos of them and to go inside them. She said it’s probably worse when I was running around the fucking thing yelling out “come out you little fuckers” and using a stick for a gun. I think the turning point was the commando roll I did into the bunker. Maybe that’s why the caddies ran away.

Played Montgomerie Links again today at 9:35am, by then it was a balmy 50 degrees with 98% humidity a little cooler than yesterday at DaNang. One of the caddies had on 4 layers as well. She said it is very hot in Vietnam, I said with four layers on no fucking wonder it’s fucking hot, Jesus Christ woman. Then I told her I know a man that would be nice for her and she not need wear 4 layers, she only need wear flowing chiffon robe and service old man. She said she wery wery happy to service old man. I gave her Singlets email address. So Singlets, if you get an email from Phung How Whu Dong, don’t delete it, she want new family and new house in Australia.

Probably not as good as Thailand or Fiji because after golf there isn’t a lot to do apart from going to the beach club and drink vodka and lemonade. In Fiji, there is the Port and shops and in Thailand you can get caught up in a house for blow job scam if you are gullible and you can go to Happy Happy Go Go Bar in Pattaya.

I haven’t got the flu yet but the Nasi Goreng and Asian Noodle with beef have made my guts rumble a bit, hope I don’t get the shits. Flying with that wouldn’t be very good. Maybe it’s not beef, maybe it’s a beef substitute called Rover or Scamp.

One more game tomorrow morning at DaNang, playing at 7am, hopefully at 6:30 when the caddie comes and picks us up it won’t be hot ! Who am I kidding, it will be 40 by then. How the fuck do people live in this fucking heat.

Just going to Beach Club. Vodka calling out for the Shooter.

Shooter Hau Chin out.


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