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Rich River - Phoenix Rising

Scanned a selfie into the story today to help with some motivation and to symbolise Shooter rising from the ashes of that awful 86 the day before.

64 was the number of the day. That’s all we are looking for and all the assembled crowd want to see. By the time I tee off, the assembled crowd have dwindled in numbers to zero.

Last off the 10th, some would feel as though this is a bad tee and time but this is what I ended up with after the disaster yesterday. DFL Dead Fucking Last, I was even last in the teeing order, fuck me, i’ll have to do better, the 10th tee is a humbling place on the last day.

All pro groups, first guy hits it hard, strong flight, straight into the bunga behind a tree, second guy hits it so far right, its gone into a lake that the golf course forgot they had, fuck me. Focus Shooter, pop up sky. No wonder there is no gallery with this performance we are lucky to have a starter. For Fucks Sake.

Knock it on the front edge from 196 then 3 putt for 5, its like groundhog day not a new beginning. Then Shooter had a little word to himself. C’mon Shoot, pump the fuck up.

Smashed a drive down 11, 207, wind off the right should knock it down a little, smash 4 iron just short of front edge make birdie and we are away, playing partner then says 8 to go, he can sense the Shooter is catching fire, fuck that 3 putt on the 10th.

Hit a perfect putt on 12, doesn’t go in, 40 footer on 13 almost drops. 14th, the day before the semi shank appeared with 2 in the piss and thinned bunker shots is now ancient history. Pipe a 4 iron, 116, knock down wedge to 12 feet, nothing but net, 7 to go.

Smash driver down 15, take the Tiger line, I think its now called The Shooter line at Rich River, 58 meters, stuff it to a foot, 6 to go. 16, playing 152, wind off the right. If I aim this at the ridge in the green it should feed. Flush, what a fucking golf shot this is, unlucky to not go in, stops 15cm short. 5 to go.

As Patrick Reed said in Hawaii, I got gusted on the next and the ball lands in the piss. chip it up to 4 feet, pull that like a 16 year old and make double. 7 to go.

Fuck, the fire has gone out but there is still some smoke. 18th, come out of a drive, ends up in the right trees, on hardpan, punch a 4 iron out to 73 short of the green. With the touch of an angel Shooter flights a 3/4 sand iron to 20 feet, how the fuck is that not in the hole is the call, when I hit it I heard harps and violins. Fucking hole it, the guy behind the green is giving me Tiger fist pumps, settle down Eddie, the pacemaker wont be able to keep up. 6 to go.

Make 1 more birdie on the last 9, score wasn’t 64 but it wasn’t 86 either, could have been  a couple better but I was in pursuit of the hole, no prizes for pussy lay ups today, as it turns out 74 gave me no prizes either but fuck me the gallery fist pumps, the birdie count climbing, for a while Shooter was flying. Glorious to watch, special to be a part of.

Have had to withdraw from Murray Downs after the practice round because of an infected finger, cant grip the club. Now it gives me  couple of days to get the finger right before NZ. Murray Downs tickets can be refunded at the gate.

Tour Player Shooter out.


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