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The Tour - Pro Am's are back

We continue to play in some local events, some would call them "pay to play", a term our American friends would be familiar with.

That's until Singlets jumps up and gets some club members and sponsors together to hold the first Pro Am that has been held for months. He has assembled a crew of 24 amateurs and 24 pros to play an event for the sponsors of last years Pro Am and his committee. As usual, Pros are now coming our of the woodwork to play for someone else's money as well as their own and they get a free sausage sizzle at the start and a steak sandwich or chicken burger at the end. Its a golf pro's dream, free food and other peoples money.

Some Legends of the game enter, some international Euro Tour winners enter, some regular tour winners enter and The Shooter enters. Groups are 2 pro's and 2 amateurs, tee times are upon us and away we go.

All eyes are on the big names early and Shooter just goes about his business, some solid shots early and even par through 3. Smash a drive down 4, 50 meters from the green, pin cut on the front. What a stupid pin position, who thought that would be good, dickheads, I say, I am playing with the Assistant Super and he tells me he set that pin to stop big hitters knocking it too close because then they will have a difficult shot. That's information that could have been handy before, For Fucks Sake.

Shooter hits the pitch fat, putts it through the fringe too hard to 8 feet behind the hole, misses that back down the hill to make 5, fucking Super. I kicked his bag walking off the green, fuck him.

C'mon Shoot, regroup. Par 3, 138, playing slightly uphill and into the wind, Just smooth an 8 iron in there, little left of the flag. Love it when a plan comes together, 6 feet. #bounceback

Roll that one in for a 2 to get back to square, birdie 7, lip out birdie on 8 and par 9 for a nice red number to finish the 9.

As standard practice dictates, Shooter bogies 10, fuck me, holed a great 8 footer to make it too. Now the trek begins again to see what we can make of this round.

Second shot on 11, 223 mtrs, finishes pin high left fringe and a delicate pitch to 6 feet. Hole that one for birdie and get the train back on the tracks. Par 12 and 13. 14 requires a high fading driver over and around the dog leg or if you are a pussy anything from a 3 iron to a 3 wood to the corner then a 8 iron to wedge in.

As you all know, Shooter aint no pussy, Driver please Sir. Perfect, high and fading, 76 meters out, pitch that to 12 feet and roll that in, it never looked anywhere else. Cant do that shot with a 3 iron off the tee.

2 deep, looking to improve with the par 15th the next challenge, decided to hit 6 iron 2nd shot and leave a fuller shot in as the green was 256 mtrs, big 3 wood to hit that green, even for The Shooter. Miss the fairway with the 6 iron, light rough, 92 meters, pull that like a 14 year old and end up 45 feet. Fucks Sake.

Ok Shoot, 45 feet up and over a crest and down to the hole, the last 10 feet it starts to move right a little. Casually leave that 9 feet short, what a cock. Now this is a slippery little fucker, still don't learn and hit it just hard enough to fall in the front edge with its last breath. Just as well that went in or the Scotty was swimming in the manky disease ridden mozzie haven of a lake.

3 to play, -2, starting to think about the finish line as I'm standing over the 138 metre tee shot on the par 3. Wow, that's not a good thought process. Back off it Shooter. Zen that shit up.

Trying to think about a smooth 8 iron left of the flag that floats on the wind. Finally ready to go and it comes off great, left edge 18 feet from the hole. Have a look from both sides, I think I can hole this. BOOM !!!!!!! another one goes in. -3, pumped.

The wedge almost goes in on 17, nice 4. One to play, horrible 190 mtr par 3, green is usually hard as a cats head and it slopes back to front and left to right.

Standing on the tee, its between 4 and 5, don't want to be long, flag is in the back. The decision is to hit the 5, that way it cant be long. Just like the gap wedge on 15, Shooter has pulled this harder than Stickers on any given Saturday night to the left side of the green, ends up flag high in a shit lie, at least it isn't OOB.

Chip it on to 6 feet which was good in the circumstances and miss that to bogey the last for 70. Not a good finish but not too bad.

The day comes to an end, Chicken burgers and a couple of beers and there is a tie for first between 4, The Shooter is one and it is being claimed as the first Pro Am win. Good Shooting Shooter, cash is handed out, hands are shaken. Now as a tour winner I have to sign gloves and balls for the gallery, I wont get out of here until midnight, got to keep the fans happy.

Chicken Dinner Shooter out.


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