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Sunday Shooter Returns

Well well well,

Here we go again, Shooter is back in the country and has landed to win the club championships at Twin. Once that job was completed we had a little game on Sunday.

There was an expectation in the air on Sunday, the scores shot by Shooter in the CC were not up to his usual standard and as such, Singlets and Stickers thought they were a little chance. I stress little as they would have had to have things go very well for them.

We decided to break the day up into 3 x 6 hole comps, they thought they had a better chance that way. I agreed because I am an amiable bloke. I didn’t want controversy or arguments especially as it was out first game for a while.

Singlets made it through the first hole without incident, he chipped it in for birdie from the left cart path, then no socket on the 2nd. The temperature was rising when his drive ended half way up the left hill on the 3rd and the first fuck of the day was uttered. He hit a good shot from there to the left of the green pin high and disaster was averted. Now the test, rescue from 4th tee, saves not only the ball from going hard left and lost but also saves his head from blowing up.

At the 6th tee, Shooter held a 1 shot lead for the first 6 and a par there was enough to secure some money from the choppers, I had missed reaching into their wallets, it had been what seemed like months. I think they had been saving up too. As I slid my hand in there it was the old familiar feeling of peeling off their cash, just like that familiar feeling Stickers had all week when Nudie was pleasing the household after Stickers flew her over in secret. What a little Thai fucking pig he is.

On the 8th Shooter makes double and I saw a glint of hope returning to their eyes, that’s until Stickers hits his second low left snipe with an iron for the day. The one on the 4th cost him and this one on 8 cost him a bogey as well after a very good up and down from the right of the green, fuck his chipping game is good.

10 tee, Singlets hits a fat wood, Stickers flushes a 3 wood and Shooter hits a fat toe 5 wood left, Stickers starts to laugh at our bad luck the little horrible fucker. Singlets then gobs off and says “I bet I beat you on the hole” Stickers takes the $1 bet and continues his little laugh, what an asshole.

Singlets hits his second shot from 189, yes you read it right, 189 onto the green, says nothing and walks 130 meters to Stickers ball. I think it was when Singlets casually asked “is that mine on the green” that Stickers swallowed hard and hit one of the worst shots that has been played on the 10th in living memory. A high fan right missing the green by 30 meters. When Stickers failed to get that up and down Singlets demanded the $1. Stickers couldn’t talk and just paid.

12 tee, Shooter 1 up for the middle 6, makes birdie wins by 2. Those 2 looked they had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, they were beaten up and bleeding.

A casual stroll and no further incidents over the last 6. On 18 tee after a good 3 on 17, Singlets still had his head on and was tied with Shooter for the last 6 and Stickers was 1 back, birdie required for everyone. Singlets hits the fairway, Stickers flushes it with his new method he just developed to the upslope and Shooter is high right on the hill over the bunkers. Singlets hits 3 wood to the scruffy grass front of green and the pin is cut on the front, Shooter has 210 slightly down wind, sky 5 wood 30 yards short out of the rough. Stickers knows he needs birdie, looks very comfortable over the ball with the 4th different grip and rotation method of the day. The ball rockets off his 3 wood into the ground after it’s been hit on the head and the layup is perfect. That is how good Stickers is now, he lays up to his distance with topped 3 woods.

Shooter flubs a chip short, makes 5, Stickers makes 5 and Singlets makes 4 to win the back 6 cash. I am a little shocked at what I have seen, Shooter only picked up $15 for the day and Singlets picks up $5 from Stickers.

Shooter shoots 75, Singlets is claiming 78 and Stickers had 94. A good day all round.

Didn’t get home until 7:30 after all the fucking media and club members wanting to shake my hand, I just want to give something back to the game but it’s getting behind a joke.

Humble Shooter out


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