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Sunday bloody Sunday

Buenos dias Choppers,

Saw a few things today that I haven’t seen for a while, Singlets played a full 18 holes, Stickers put up a fight, even if it was only for a little while and Contribution was tired after 9 but got a cart and also finished. Even the staff in the bar were surprised.

First week back for Singlets, still got a niggle with the muscle pull in the chest but bought a half set out today in an attempt to ease his way back in.

Balls went up, Stickers and Contribution vs Singlets and Shooter, meeting was held, Contribution to get 8 start.

Stickers almost holes his 3rd into 1, 3 great shots in a row, he must have been out all week and had a couple of lessons. Shooter gets his to 12 feet and its looking like we need it as Stickers is close. Shooter makes it, Stickers misses 1 up.

Shooter hits it to 21 feet on 2, nice little 7 iron, after it comes off the club, Contribution comes out with “that’s not a good shot” Fuck me, mine was 21 feet, his was a fat flub that didn’t get up. Stickers misses the green left and Singlets is in the bunker.

After I roll my 21 footer in, I asked Contribution if I hit that one ok ? Cock. 2 up.

Back and forward over the next few holes, no controversy. Singlets and Shooter at the turn 1 up. Got some money in the chopper envelope. Its been a while but its still a familiar feeling. As far as the singles goes, Shooter leading by 3 from Singlets and 4 over Stickers.

At the 12th the controversy arises, Singlets and Shooter are sitting in the fairway, Contribution gets one off the shaft, straight left into the trees 40 yards from the tee, ball shoots straight down, lost. Stickers then, under the pump hits a high gay fade over right hill, it bounces a little right. Stickers hasn’t choked like that since that unfortunate night in Patong but that’s another story.

Once he finds it, Stickers hits what looks like a decent shot, hits a tree 10 yards in front of him shoots straight right into the trees. Deep shit now. Stickers walks into the bush, picks it up, brings it out sideways, drops it.

Fuck me, what’s happened, I looked at Singlets, he had no idea, even Contribution was unaware of a rule that allows you to bring it out of the hazard sideways and drop it. Fuck that rules thing, it seems to be a guide at best for their team. He must have decided that dropping within the rules didn’t apply to him. Fuck it, just drop it there.

If there is a god, its that he makes a nice three putt for a 7, we get 3 shots on that hole as Shooter just misses another putt and settles for 4. I think we should have had a bigger lead if the rules were followed.

I think that’s when the shit hit the fan, them dropping and doing whatever they wanted and us trying to bring decorum and integrity to the game.

Shooter hits a driver 300 down 14, not a great 2nd and then hits a pitch 40 yards, misses the green left into the bunker. When it gets there it settled nicely in a old divot and footprint, left in, flub out hole it from 15 feet for a shit bogey, then we lose 15 to Contribution who gets a 4 net 3. Fuck me why shouldn’t he get more shots I continually ask myself.

We halve 16. We are now 2 up with 2 to play. Contribution gets to 17, hits a toe driver into the front bunker, Stickers in the right rough, so wide he was lucky to find it, Singlets and Shooter greenside.

We both make 4 as today our chipping game is shit, Contribution makes 3 from the bunker again with a fucking shot, how the fuck does that happen. 3 net 2 to our 4’s for a little 2 shot swing. Now its all square the back but we were still one up on the front. Getting shots on par 3’s should be illegal.

18 tee, Singlets hits it hard left, hits the trees, falls down in the shit, Shooter hits a high right shitter over the bunker, we look dead. Those two fuckers are in the fairway. Shooter hits a tree coming out, Singlets hits a shit flub near the left fairway bunkers, then he hits it into the trees above the fairway bunkers.

Shooter finally gets his out to the fairway, misses the green with a 6 iron thins a chip and misses the putt, fuck me.

Singlets misses the green his a good pitch on but misses the putt. What a cock up. Both of the other fuckers made 5 to make the final result they win overall by 1. They made up 5 in the last 4 holes.

Shooter wins the individual by 4, so the net effect of the day was the chop chop envelope didn’t have any go in, seems like I wasted a day.

Disappointed Shooter out.


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