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Sunday 36 - Athlete Edition

After getting pounded twice at Twin Waters this morning, Shooter leaves and races down to Beerwah Golf Club to meet Grinder for the second 18 of the day.

Its been hot, humid and hard going shooting 68 to get bashed up, now I have to do it all again. Last week, The Typist gave me a real touch up 5 and 4 when Shooter shot 74, Grinder was good that day, he gave himself the nickname because he thought he continued to grind out the round. Lets see how good he is today.

Casual 4 with a little up and down on 1 for a half, so far so good, knock it on the second green, how does that putt not break, Grinder holes it from 12 feet behind the cup for a little half, fuck me, not again.

Shooter makes another very good up and down on 3 for par and Grinder goes 1 down. Birdie 4, par 5 and now, all of a sudden, Shooter is 3 up. That happened fast.

Shooter makes another birdie on 7 where he almost knocked the flag out of the ground with a 3 wood from 238, Grinder's par was no good there.

Ninth tee, last week Shooter hits a perfect little 3 wood into the fairway and then hits a 52 so fat, he needed 3 buckets of sand to repair it. This week there will be none of that.

Shooter takes the 3 wood again, hits it so fat, a new bucket of sand is required on the tee, now I have 185 in, hit a nice 5 iron that starts a little right and hits a fucking tree, after that it ricochets out of bounds. Fuck me, this hole, what a cock up. Grinder wins with a well constructed par 4. Fucking double.

3 up at the turn and even par after the OOB, birdie 10 and I'm sure the ball had a look inside the hole, Grinder halves with his net 3, 11 is another half. Shooter knocks it onto the front edge of 12 and Grinder hits it pin high left, even though he gets a shot I think I have got him. Then the fucker chips it in, didn't need his shot.

Back to 2 up.

Shooter then hit a piercing 3 wood over the trees on 13 with a slight fade, just like the pros do, even though Grinder was still 2 down, showing his professionalism, he said "shot Shoot". 76 mtrs, hit it to 15 feet and hole it down the hill to win the hole. Plus 3

Grinder was a bit stiff making par on 13 to lose the hole, it was even worse when he made par on 14 to lose that as well with The Shooter chipping one in for another birdie. Shooter is now -3 for the back nine and the day. Shooter wins the 15th with a good par to close out the match.

We let a 1 ball through on 16 and when its out time to play some random old dude comes out of the trees and is standing with us on the tee. "Social distancing mate" says Grinder.

Again, Grinder's par is no good as Shooter holes one from 8 feet for yet another red number. The card has so many birdies on it now it looking like an aviary.

Getting dark, 2 good pars on 17. The 18th, playing 178, you have to hit it on the left half of the green otherwise it will fall off the right hand side. Grinder hit his low right pin high, Shooter takes a 6 iron and as the ball left the club it sounded like a chorus of angels singing; beautiful. Shooter holds the follow through then lets the club down with the trademark twirl.

What a golf shot.

Grinder chips his to a foot and makes an impressive 3 for 37 over the back 9, nice playing Sir. Shooter has this for a neat and tidy 67, 8 feet, breaking from 3 inches outside left lip. We knew it was in as soon as it came off the putter, never in doubt.

68,67 -9 for the day. Not bad Shooter, Not bad at all.

Get me a radox bath FFS.

Stiff Shooter out.


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