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Match Play - Disco vs Shooter

After a SA Swing to forget it was a time to decompress and play a couple of social rounds on two good golf courses before the long trip home.

That was until Disco decided it was a do or die match play event over the next 2 days.

We arrive at Mt Compass where Disco had booked 2 weeks before, told them he was a course rater and he had a PGA Member with him. Upon arrival, the head pro said he had no notes about anything and that means no one called. We decided to say ok, he must be right and said we are certainly happy to pay a green fee and sorry for the mixup. He decided he wasn’t finished and gave The Shooter a dressing down about not contacting the club and he had been a member of the PGA since 1986, blah blah blah. We let him finish and collected the range balls and went to hit them before teeing off.

Shooter was a little distracted and unsettled by all of this and after hitting the balls went back into the pro shop to clear the air. After The Shooter had a chat all was good, not to say it wasn’t unsettling and on my mind. A fact Disco was keen to exploit.

Being the consummate professional he is Shooter pipes one straight down the middle and as the gap wedge landed 4 feet from the hole, Disco was heard to say “oh fuck, I’m in trouble today”. Shooters shot spun back to 30 feet #toursauce and then it was an easy 3 jiggle for a bogey to halve the hole. What a beautiful start.

Shooter then had another attempt with the electric eel on 2, that turned out exactly the same, dream start, one down through 2.

Disco flushed his 4 iron down 3, I know he flushed it as it was 30 past Shooter‘s 4 iron. Just thank club engineers for those hollow, trampoline face rocket ships these kids have these days. He then missed it left, knifed the pitch and 3 putted from 60 feet to hand the win to Shooter.

The rest of the front 9 is a bit of a blur as we were 3 putting our way to immortality and Disco had more shots than the Belmont rifle range on his side.

Shooter hit a pull 3 wood down 10 to then realise there is an internal OOB there, loss of hole. Disco hits 2 balls in the hay on 11, drops another at Shooters ball and smother hooks that lost, Shooter wins 11.

12 was a downhill 166 meter par 3 into the wind, Shooter dumps his in the front trap, Disco flushes his rocket ship over the green into snake city, lost. Second ball on the green, 60 feet away. Fuck me Shoot, if you don’t win this hole from here you need fucking.

Shank the bunker shot, hit the chip from the collar up to 20 feet but still below the tier, 3 putt that for a half. Now fuck me that is another triple from nowhere, South Australia seems to be where triples live. That’s about 7 for the fucking week, not including the 9 on the 11th at Stirling, a benign 145 mtr par 3, that was a highlight.

Shooter wins 13 with a hard fought par including a two putt from 80 feet (the second putt was from the fringe), 14 was a brute of a par 3, 201 mtrs uphill. Disco gets a shot here, fucks sake it must be an easy game off 8.

Both of us short, Disco has a pitch off hard ground over a bunker and Shooter has a bunker shot, Disco flubs his into the bunker, then knifes it out to the back edge, another hole his shot advantage has been taken away by poor pitching and bunker play, what a chopper.

Shooter hits his bunker shot very very fat and it moves a foot, then flubs the next one to sit the ball on the fringe, 2 putts from there for another double and lose the hole, are you fucking kidding. Disco starts to explain the bunker shot. “No” too soon Disco, too soon.

Shooter wins the par 5 15th and then the 16th after a punch shot into the wind that people will write about for years. 5 iron, 156 into wind, flag cut near the bunker, ball slightly above my feet. Disco had hit his second near the green and he was going off, thinking he was good. As Shooters ball came off the club Disco knew he was fucked, perfect ball flight, slight draw toward the thigh cut pin, it was like gazing upon a work of art, the camera pans back to Shooters face and then the club twirl started. Twirls for the girls, they say.

Needless to say, Disco was shocked and in awe of what he had seen, then thins his bunker shot across the green, left it in, finally got it out and lost the hole convincingly.

Shooter 2 up with 2 to play.

Both in the fairway on 17, Disco hit is gap wedge to 5 feet, all over it, he is tipping his cap to all and twirling with all his might, Shooter hits his to 13 feet above the hole, Disco makes his to go 1 down.

One to play, Shooter 1 up, Disco gets another shot, fuck they seem unending at this stage, Disco hits a smother hook over behind a tree, short of the bunker. Shooter undecided on the club, decided on 3 wood and smokes it into the centre of the fairway, advantage Shooter.

Disco employs his newly learned ball shaping technique and hits a glorious draw from a shit sandy lie and is unlucky to not have the ball trickle back onto the green.

Shooter takes some extra time in club selection, decided on a gap wedge to get it up to the flag, shot lands 3 feet from the hole and it’s game over.

Disco should know better, this is Shooters house, that’s until the Titleist starts to spin and come back 30 feet down the hill, fucking #toursauce, costing me shots.

Disco gets a drop from a drainage grate and chips it close, Shooter flubs the chip short and makes 5 to lose the hole and the match is tied.

What a fucking cock up.

All square after day 1.

Should be leading Shooter out.


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