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Last Day


Still in Thailand, It fucking rained here today and cleared up as we were on the first fairway.

Fuck it’s not very humid in this shitter just after the rain, Jesus. Smells a fucking treat too, give you one guess what it smells like and it’s not freshly cut roses.

Played Seapine today, owned by the army, most slopey greens ever, fucking Ray Charles must have set some of the pins, they were on some of the worst positions I have ever seen.

I was convinced of that after my 5th 3 putt and then just to top it off on the last I had a 4 putt to round out a cracking 84 with 41 putts. That didn’t win the gross today. I needed 70 to win it, sadly no three in a row.

Just back at the Hilton Hua Hin looking out to sea and it’s amazing, you can’t tell where the sea ends and the sky starts…. They are both a muddy brown shit grey. What a beautiful place.

I mentioned Stickers name here and got 4 blowjobs and a threesome with two other blokes, they said that was the standard order. The fuckers didn’t tell me till after the job was done that I had to build 2 houses as well. Might be here for a while paying it off.

Asian Shooter out for the day.


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