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Its go time - Its not a hobby buddy.

After the clusterfuck of rain, wind and cancellations of the last couple of weeks, the sun came out for a little while and we had a golf course to play. Fuck me was it a beauty.

I had never been to Mollymook before and now I wonder why, what a cracker of a golf course. Get down there and play.

Because it had been wet, which probably helped, the course played frightfully long and soft but the upside is it made it play wide too because balls weren't running anywhere into the numerous creeks and rough that is dotted around the place.

The undulations are fantastic, it gives you so many shot options and so many ways to get reamed senseless, so much fun. Then you get to the greens and the battle starts again. We were lucky they were slower than the locals usually play. After these two days I feel I have had the pineapple well and truly inserted the wrong way.

Imagine being a member and getting fucked this raw every week.

Just happy to get out there, Day 1 started on the 2nd tee, excited and a little nervous the first one hits the toe of the driver and starts left, by the time my eyes focus on it, its further left and not looking like stopping. No bang in the tall trees and I'm not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one.

Turns out its not a really bad one, I have a shot but its 206 and off a bare lie. After I hit that fat, I had 67, after I flubbed that, the next one was much easier, only 20 short of the green. The chilli dip next shot left me 80 feet. The second putt found the low right lip and fell for an opening double. Fuck Yeah.

Ok Shooter, that shit can happen to anyone, just grind this out and get the round going from here. The 3rd is a long dogleg par 4 that requires a hooking 3 wood and then a 5 iron uphill to a green that slopes back to front, its a tough hole for sure.

Especially when you hit a thin 3 wood heading 50 meters right, I said hook you fucker. Fucks sake.

Now its absolutely positively dead behind a tree, so dead I could smell it. An eternal optimist would say "at least I found it" Try telling me that when I am stretching under a spindly half dead tree with a branch poised to poke my eye out if I move one way and another threatening to pierce the balloon knot if I move the other. Glass half full my ass.

Punch it out and find out its behind another tree, chip the next one between two trees onto the back of the green 90 feet away. Fuck my punch out game is getting some work out today.

After 2 holes the Titleist looks like a dogs been chewing it, all dirty and fucked up, I think its got a couple of holes in it too.

Hard hook from 5 tee, hits a tree and comes back out to the fairway, more scuffs. My luck is changing I thought, that's when I striped a 3 wood onto the green from 234 to 18 feet, fuck yeah Shooter LFG. The 3 whack put a stop to the excitement. Fuck me.

After a couple of more holes The Shooter sits 6 over, not really going to plan. The the 5 iron on the 9th hits the centre of the club, that's been a while, pitch it to 15 feet above the hole and hole the slippery snake down the hill for a par. That's something to take into the back 9.

After the cold top 3 wood, I had 185 downhill, cross wind that is blowing 60mph, the chunk 5 iron finishes 3 feet and The Shooter doesn't miss that shit. Back to 5 over, catching some heat now.

Got a couple to go, have played a stretch of 10 holes -1, getting it done. Hanging in tough.

17 is a picturesque par 3 at 165, one of the picture perfect golf holes around here. Today playing downhill and slightly into the wind.

A fat 6 iron enters the penalty area with a surprising lack of speed, when it hits the water it makes the smallest splash, an Olympic diving judge would be proud.

After finding the entry point, getting a suitable distance and dropping the next victim, The Shooter has 61 to a flag cut 5 yards over a trap on a downslope, this should be good.

When that on enters the water, I realise 61 may not be such a good yardage. This new one lands on the green and runs to 40 feet. A great 2 putt finishes me off for the day with a triple bogey 7. I make 2 more bogies coming in to round out a great day, fuck I hope they haven't sold all the beer.

Day 2: The Shooter scores a bit better (3 shots) despite hitting way less good shots. No striping irons like the middle of the round yesterday, same old volatile putting though so at least I have that consistency going for me.

It seems the last couple of days it was a hobby.

Off to Canberra for the night with that English lad and The Mushy, then on to Yarrawonga for some spirited competition with Disco while awaiting the next event. That's if the rain stops.

Beaten up Shooter out.

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