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Its been a long time


Well fuck me, I cant believe its been a year since the last post.

I did get a little reminder from Blisters that it would be good to see more of the Shooter News, so here it is, new place, new look and a new name.

Haven’t we had some drama in the last couple of weeks as well, over the Christmas break we have had occasion to play some golf and Singlet’s head has exploded on each occasion but we still don’t know why, he has been hitting some great golf shots and I will go as far as to say it’s the best he has hit the ball for some time.

At least in the last year some things have remained the same, Stickers has a new method (his 14th for 2015), Contribution has too much handicap and is very close to breaking 80, Singlets head has exploded almost everytime he has played and he has become an angry man and Shooter is still grinding away.

We had Blisters up recently and again he left with his tail between his legs claiming all sorts of bullshit excuses like dizzyness and jetlag. Fuck me. One good thing is that the 5 guys that worked at Paveways and had the exclusive carpark contract look like getting their jobs back, Singlets was gone from the carpark the other week before Stickers and I had unstrapped our bags from the cart.

Almost the new year and the chopper envelope is not very thick this year, the choppers don’t like playing individuals now although Singlets won one the other day when he played well, his head only exploded once. Even when they do play the individual, Stickers makes me spend it on the bar afterwards. At least he gets something for his 4 hour effort.

New Year soon, New Stickers with more methods, New Contribution with less handicap, new Blisters with less excuses, new Singlets with a much calmer outlook and New Shooter with better scoring ability.

Look out Twin, big things are coming.

Sentimental Shooter out.


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