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International Thailand Shooter

Jesus H Christ,

It’s hotter than 1000 suns here, I am fucking melting. How do these people live in this heat.

Played Thana Golf and Country Club yesterday, Greg Norman design. Pretty good track. Started snipe lost, bogey, then snipe lost bogey second hole as well. Then hit a smother hook on about 12 in the piss for the third lost ball of the day, had 40 fucking putts for 77.

Tricky had 68 and fucking flushed it. Did not miss a shot. 2 babies had 37 points to have a good start to the event. Tricky won the Stableford event and I won the gross. (Can’t win both).

Played Royal Gems Sports Club today. Had 5 birdies and shot 74. Turned -1 chopped it up and lost two balls over the back. Mother fucker.

Won the gross today as well with 74. $2000 each day.

I am retiring now and taking this shit up.

Cash collector Shooter out


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