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Here We Go - Strap yourself in.

The Shooter Project has made its way to its own web site, its still in development so its a little clunky, the main thing is you have a central point to gather whilst still observing your social distancing and its a place you can read and enjoy the happenings in the world of The Shooter.

Its hard being me and harder keeping you entertained. #tourlife #givingback

Take a minute, read some blog articles, sign up for updates and if I have done it right, you will get an email when an update is posted, if I haven't, you may not. Its all for your reading pleasure. I'm doing it for you, membership has its privileges, just not sure what they are yet.

The normal disclaimer applies, some of the language and concepts may not suit all people, if you are offended, its not intentional, please read something else.

At this stage only a few of the latest articles have made it across from the old blog site, its a shame this comedy gold isn't fully appreciated here as yet. That's one of the works in progress.

If you have something to say, sign up and send a message.

Stay safe

Tech Shooter out


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