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Hard to get a 4 – Shooter Sunday

Another fine fucking hot day on the Coast, that’s until the rain came then it was an excuse to get hot and humid, for christ’s sake it was fucked up hot.

Balls went in the air, Contribution and Singlets vs Stickers and Shooter, I asked for a re throw, got Stickers again, fuck me. The first hole was not a great start, Contribution hit a high hook second shot, lost. Singlets hits a shank 3rd that didn’t leave the ground, Stickers hit a third 10 yards short of the green and I hit a knife over the back. Nevertheless, Stickers and I left the green 1 up. 2nd halved in par, Shooter hits two of the best shots you will see into 3, misses putt as usual. 2 up. 4th and 5th halved in pars.

Then there was lightning going off over the back 9. Universal decision to retreat to clubhouse. We had a drink etc and then watched some golf, Contribution and Singlets had packed their gear away, sky looked very dark and not very good. The brothers left and went home. Singlets couldn’t wait to get out of there as usual. Stickers and I watched some golf, lightning and rain smashed down for 20 minutes. Singlets didn’t pay the bet given they were behind when it was called that would have been the right and honourable thing to do.

We checked the rain app on the phone and all looked ok. Stickers and I decided to play the back 9, Singlets had the strange idea that he could play ok and challenged the Shooter to a bet of $5 over the back 9. Of course, I accepted.

Bogey 10, Stickers 1 up, then he made double down 11 after getting it in the rough 10 yards right of the pin, now Shooter leads by 1. I think he was nervous as it’s very rare that he would have had a lead………ever. Another bogey on 12 to Stickers par ties it up again, it’s a battle royale.

Singlets calls, says it’s our fault that we went in and he would be there if we didn’t stop. I call his bullshit and tell him the fucking sooks are at home and the athletes are on the 13th tee. He continues to whine like a girl. He then tells Singlets he is putting all of his money on him. I asked if I could get some of that action, he declines, fucking sook.

Shooter 1 up through 13, halve 14, halve 15 after Stickers misses a birdie putt from 6 feet, best shot he hit all day. Halve 16, Stickers thinks he has a chance still.

Shooter has some frozen rope down 17, thought it was going in, even called it in from the tee from 198 mtrs, finishes a foot, Stickers is now is shitting himself, he does his best in the circumstances, makes 4, Shooter taps in for 2. Cream is rising again, pressure to much for Stickers.

3 shot lead 1 to play, Stickers hits the lip coming out of the right trap for 2, then concedes. Just a regulation par for Shooter. Another $5 for the chopper envelope.

Shooter out.


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