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Going Deep Sunday

The usual Sunday arrives, the Corona Virus has taken its toll on some participants, by some I mean Singlets, he is grinding out a living at the Pro Shop as normal, what a work horse.

Two tee times booked for the now famous 6 hole challenge, 4 people, changing partners after each 6 holes, that way you get 3 x 6 hole matches. The Shooter was unlucky last week and only had 2 victims had a half on the books to Singlets, surprising to say the least.

Balls go up, Sweets vs Stickers and The Yank vs Shooter for the first 6. The Sweets Stickers match was up and down from what I heard, Stickers did mention that you cant beat her and she got it up and down on the last from the rough for the all important win. First Blood.

Shooter and The Yank have a nice little wander around, the heat is rising and The Yank is hitting very good golf shots, some of the irons were not coming into the greens as hot as a Garuda Jet, they had a chance to stop and then he had the annoying ability to hole some putts. Last week Shooter shot even par over the first 6 and didn't break a sweat to dispatch The Yank into second place. This week however, whilst the score were the same, The Yank played very well to hand Shooter his first loss of the 6 hole season. Jesus, its getting hard to win these days.

Winners go off the 7th tee and The Yank continues his good form to give Sweets a little dust up 3 and 2.

Stickers vs Shooter is the match the people have come and paid their money to see. Shooter had to shoot -4 over the back 6 last week to get the little fucker, I suspect another smashing for him.

Stickers hits a good shot on 7 and it rolls off the back edge, Shooter on the green. Stickers chips it to 12 feet, very nice, then the little shit holes that with a new putting stroke, another new method For Fucks Sake, this method I really don't like.

He makes 4 net 3 down 8 to win that and Shooter makes a birdie down 9 by holing it from 25 feet just for the half, I'm sure this little fucker has been out here all week. Shooter pumps driver over the bushes on 10, Stickers has hit a wide flouncy gay cut, he makes 4 and Shooter 3 jiggles it for 5 to lose the hole.

Fuck me, whats happening here, The Shooter is now 2 down with 2 to play. 11th was halved and that's all she wrote, Shooter has been convincingly trounced not only by The Yank but Stickers as well.

Coming up 12, Sweets and The Yank are waiting behind the green to change partners, Stickers has his Greg Norman stride going, chest pumped out, big strides, makes his 4 down our last hole. Shooter has 96 meters, slightly wind affected off the right, club selection is pretty easy, smooth 52, doesn't that come off the club nice, Shooter is holding the follow through, club twirl, one bounce, in. Nice eagle Shooter. Crowd go nuts. Shooter tips the hat.

I think Stickers is warming up, got his new swing method working, his new putting method is going good, but he is running into a American hot streak with 2 straight wins. This could be the battle of the day. I can see both The Yank and Stickers would squash Blisters like a grape, Blisters is too busy driving around breaking the law and telling people how bad golf will be for years when he should be at home, Fucking Debbie Downer.

Sweets makes a par on 13 to win, Shooter now 1 down again with a score at -1 for the day, tough school this. Shooter knocks his second into the green side trap on 14 and plays what can only be described as an exquisite bunker shot that comes down in the hole, hits the fucking PVC thing that is in there and pops out to an inch. Kiss me first is the call from Shooter, makes a birdie 4 to win the hole.

Sweets has an electric eel as a putter on 15 and has a little 3 putt to lose to Shooters par. Sweets makes a casual 5 net 4 on 16 only to watch Shooter hit an 8 iron from the middle of the first fairway to 6 feet and hole it. One of the greatest second shots on that hole ever. 17 was halved.

Last hole, Shooter hits it onto the top of the right hill, pretty good lie up there, The Yank and Stickers are on the green putting out for their halved match and The Shooter just cant wait anymore.

Takes out the chief, smooths one, flights it perfectly, heading straight for Stickers head, don't yell fore yet, ball starts to move a little right, now I know its not hitting him in the head so I don't yell at all. Ball lands in the middle of the green 20 feet from Stickers. He isn't worried, The Shooter can hit a driver off the deck with that much precision these days.

Couple of putts for birdie to halve Sweets' par and a nice little -3 on the back 6 to shoot 68 for the second week running. This week the 68 resulted in 2 losses though.

Fucks sake the standard has improved.

Off to Beerwah for the afternoon round.

Athlete Shooter out.


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