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Friday Feels - Stickers Edition

Look at this little shit, Stickers in his element. He still has the same sunglasses.

The weeks in isolation are getting longer, although we in Queensland can still play golf so that is perfect and for the loyal followers in Victoria - stiff shit.

We are going with the 3 x 6 hole competitions again, it seems to be the best way for Stickers to convince himself he can win something. We have TJ, The Yank, Stickers and of course, there is no show without The Shooter.

Balls go up, first 6, Stickers vs They Yank, TJ vs The Shooter.

Twin Waters is looking great, limited staff have done a fantastic job to keep us playing on a course that's this good.

Shooter as usual flushes it down 1, TJ hits the fairway and the battle begins. Shooter makes 5 and TJ has a unfortunate 3 put for bogey, I'm sure its combination of pressure and nerves. It a big occasion playing with Shooter. TJ is only human. Shooter birdies 3 holing one from 18 feet to go 3 up. The next 3 are halved in pars and TJ is bid goodnight, I am pretty sure she is happier for the experience of seeing The Shooter swing the money makers up close.

In the other match, The Yank belted Stickers like an Iraqi prisoner, it seems Stickers new method (number 5348) has not made a great transition from practice fairway to course. Its not the first time and it wont be the last. Standing on 7 tee Stickers tells me that he is close........ very fucking close. What a cock.

The Yank and Shooter tee if off 7 and after halving in pars, The Yank birdies 8 from the fairway trap and doesn't even need his shot to better Shooters par, fuck me one down so early, unfamiliar feeling. 9 halved with The Yank's 5 net 4.

Shooter almost holes it on 10 and wins the hole with his natural birdie to get back to all square. This match is becoming interesting, Shooter pars 11 and loses the hole. Now 1 down with 1 to play. I don't like this at all. Shooters par on 12 is good enough to win the hole and finish all square for the second 6. A fitting result in the end perhaps.

Shooter is now -2 for the day and has relatively nothing to show for it. Stickers catches fire and shoots -3 for the second 6 to pants TJ. She said she had no answers to Stickers relentless shotmaking.

Maybe Stickers is close ........ fuck me.

Stickers and Shooter get to 13 tee, this is the match the crowd have been waiting for, this is why the public buy tickets and fill grandstands. Stickers is away and flushes it off the tee, the sound is something you don't normally associate with Stickers driver, it sounded good.

Shooter standing over a 3 footer for par for the half, cant fucking believe it hits the PVC pipe in the hole and comes out. Shooters first bogey of the day. Stickers laughs. 1 down.

Shooter birdies 14 as usual to win the hole, back to square, halved 15 in par, Stickers makes 5 net 4 on 16 for another half. Getting to the business end now.

17 tee, slightly into the wind, 183 to carry the front bunker, that's 201 yards for our American fans, 198 flag (217 yards). Stickers hits first and puffs up a soft as fuck rescue over the right trap, I'm thinking its in shitville, you know, the site of the now famous 11 by Shooter many years ago when Singlets and Stickers watched and laughed, fucking arseholes.

As it turns out, Stickers didn't hit it good enough to get to shitville but I am relieved when it turns out the lie is down in the grass and covered in shit. Perfect.

Shooter pipes a 4 iron high and straight, it looks as though it will knock the flag out of the ground, fuck me its good, finishes 12 feet from the hole. Great shot Shoot.

Stickers finds his ball, its shit for sure, somehow he gets a club on it and runs it up to 15 feet, how the fuck did he do that, this isolation and him hitting balls everyday because he has nothing better to do seems to be bad for The Shooter. He walks up to the putt telling me how good he hit it and how it came off the club and how it was sitting and how he worked his new chipping method to allow for the ball sitting down in the grass, all I'm hearing is blah blah blah, for fucks sake Stickers its your putt. Fuck me if he doesn't hole it.

Best 3 he has made all fucking year. Cheeky little fucker looks over with a smirk on his face, "Your putt Shooter"

Now this has become troublesome, I thought. I have 12 feet for a 2 and a half not to go 1 down with 1 to play. Shooter had already read the putt but now it means a bit more, back for another look.

The stroke is as smooth as honey dripping off a stick, silky, the ball never leaves the left edge and a foot out breaks slightly right and falls in the centre. Never looked like missing.

Nice half Stickers.

One to play, all on the line, Stickers has a little pull (for the second time today) short of the 2nd bunker, hard to get home from there Stickers, birdie wins.

Shooter hits the worst drive of the day, its still going hard as it goes over Stickers ball, hits a tree dead in the centre and kicks out to the left rough. Its sitting down on the downslope, getting home for 2 on the par 5 last is now not an option, I take a 7 iron and lay it up 90 meters from the hole. Your shot Stickers.

I see Stickers ball, its sitting much better than Shooters was, its sitting up a little on top of the rough, looks like its going to be a short game contest to see who gets the cash today.

Stickers looks over, pretending he has a decision to make when we all know its a Stickers decision, 6 iron down short and hope to make 5.

He reaches for the bag, he looks at Shooter and his hand goes for the driver.......... fuck me, this guy is a baller, he is going balls and all to win, chief off the deck, to make 4. No laying up for this guy, for our spanish friends huevos grandes.

He hits it a little thin runs down to the front of the green we halve the hole in par but the moment when the little fucker Stickers went for the big dog was very impressive. Respect right there.

The shots given were the undoing for TJ as The Yank handed her a little touch up. TJ did mention that she has played pretty well and had her ass caned all day. Shooter looked at Stickers, The Yank looked at Shooter, Stickers looked at The Yank, no one said a word about that.

Shooter knocks it around in -3 again for very little cash to show for it, The Yank clears some cash from his 2 wins and Stickers picks up a little.

Shooters reward for the day was watching Stickers take the driver on 18. Fuck I hope he gets a job soon and plays less.

Impressed Shooter out


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