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End of Year Shooter


Getting toward the end of another big year for Sunday golf, I can see by the efforts put up this week that everyone is tired. Maybe just tired of Shooter continuing to come up with the pressure moments and staying rock solid under whatever conditions you choppers can throw at him.

Just like Blisters last week, full of talk talk bullshit, then gets on an hour flight and claims jet lag for his piss poor performance. You tried your best Blisters, at least the wallet was easier to carry home being a bit lighter. Come back any time.

This week was very taxing, very hot and humid.

Contribution and Shooter vs Singlets and Stickers, they were always the underdog. One of those stories that if they overcame the odds there would have been a movie made about it.

Blisters, you have never seen the short game on Stickers like it was on Sunday, hits his 3rd 50 meters left of 1, almost under a tree, hits a high flop across the swale in the green to 10 feet, holes it for par to win the hole, fuck me, I couldn’t believe it. He almost hits a shank into the piss on 2, lands on the bank and goes into the hazard on hard pan, lucky it’s so hot otherwise it’s in the water. Hits a high flop off hard pan to 15 feet, holes it. Gets it up and down with a putter from the front of 3, misses the 4th green right if the bunker in long shit grass, hits flop to 1 ft, holes it for another par.

Stickers has hit 3 greens in the front side and is 2 over, best score he has had for a while.

At the turn the match is all square. We went 1 up with a birdie on 14 only to get it pulled back with Stickers making a birdie on 15, one of his 3 greens on the back, we now have a match. Contribution’s par on 16 matches everyone’s par but he gets a shot there, the A team is back to one up. Contribution hits it in the right bunker in 17. Shooter just short of left bunker, Stickers and Singlets short of the green. Contribution hits it over the back, makes 5 net 4. Shooter hits a poor chip shot and has 12 feet, misses and makes 4. Singlets and Stickers both have a putt to win the hole and on this occasion both miss with Singlets getting a massive lip.

1 up with 1 to play, bit of an anti climax with Singlets making 5, Stickers making 5, Contribution making 5 and Shooter making 4.

They showed up, they tried their best.

Singlets almost damaged his car by slamming the door very hard, tore up 30 yards of bitumen and dragged his putter across 150 meters of cart path. So he didn’t come in for a drink afterwards.

Stickers made it his mission to spend the $25 he had to give me whilst he was at the bar.

Chopper envelope not any fatter as Stickers spent it.

Shooter out.


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