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Demolition Shooter


It was another hot humid horrible day, would have suited you Blisters being a horrible human. Singlets was too sad to play, fearing someone would get hurt if his head exploded and he threw his clubs or hit his ball off the greens. I did have a vision of being speared with a wedge.

Contribution had other arrangements in the afternoon so it left Stickers and I to uphold the Sunday tradition. I nearly didn’t play in a 2 in that heat but hey, $10 is $10. I have done worse for that amount of money.

On the first tee Stickers decides he wants to play 2 x 9 hole comps instead of a normal 18, fuck me how many opens have been decided over 9 hole comps ? I understand his logic though, he knows he can’t win overall but he thinks he may get lucky and win a 9. I did ask if he would like to play 18 x 1 hole comps and if that would make him feel better about himself. This was the first time for the day he told me to get fucked.

What followed was a demolition like you haven’t seen in some time. My Japanese friends would liken it to the Kaiju being let loose on civilization. For those of you not so in touch with your Japanese pop culture, other names for the Kaiju are Gojira and more commonly Godzilla.

It was a bloodbath, he should have taken the offer of 18 x 1 hole comps, at least he would have won 1 when he birdied the 3rd. He did hit it to a foot from 156, it was a good shot.

After 7 Shooter was -2 and cruising, a double on 8 from 120 slowed the dismemberment of Stickers but not for long. A little 74 finished him off easily and got the cash for both bets.

Stickers was so shaken by the almost surgical destruction of his confidence and the ease that Shooter laid waste to his game, he forgot what he had scored. He thought he had 77. Close but no cigar Stickers, he would have had that if we stopped after 17.

I still haven’t seen the cash but I am sure his conscience will be his guide at some point. The chopper envelope has not yet been changed over from the 2013 version as yet but there is a couple of wins already clocked up.

Couple of highlights included Shooter having 6 lip outs and no luck all day as well as Stickers unveiling his new putting method. It’s a sight to behold. One of the most exciting parts of the day was when Stickers almost lost his life in the quicksand mud on the right of 18, he almost sunk to his ankles. Those shoes found their way to the bin in the carpark.

Twin will be happy, with no Singlets, they don’t have to get the council in for the carpark this week.

Godzilla out


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