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Christmas Shooter


Another hot day on the Sunshine Coast, the greens have recovered well from coring and they are almost back to half decent although a bit slow.

Your last email was spot on Blisters, what a difference a day makes. Stickers has been trying for 2 years to have a decent score, he did it today and took home the cash. As much as it hurts to say, everyone was out played by the tipped hair, pedicure having little fucker today, he hit it very good and shot a nice 74. Even when he was 2 up with 3 to play, I thought the pressure of such a big occasion would get him and I told him he won’t win.

But, as I have said for a number of years, when one of the choppers is good enough, the Shooter will shake their hand and be as humble in defeat as he is in victory every week. That’s just what I did, Chopper envelope took a beating.

Between Stickers winning the singles and Contribution playing well, they also cleaned up the team event easy. They turned 4 up and also won the back 1 up.

Contribution hit it good for 83, if I recall correctly. I wasn’t in the carpark when Singlets put his clubs away, not sure if they all made it home in 1 piece. Instead of smelling the flowers on the way out they were all stomped on and crushed.

So, the end of year battle ended with Stickers playing good and shooting 74, Shooter humble in defeat, Contribution playing well and Singlets winning the club throwing and kicking award, most putters on cart path award and statement of the year today “I don’t throw clubs”

Merry Fucking Christmas

Shooter out


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