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2 is better than none


Well well Blisters,

Shooter Sunday is back, you won’t be able to complain about not getting it early now.

It was a nice sunny day with a little breeze, just enough to keep the temperature down. The course has been recently cored and sanded so it’s not at its best but it’s better now than a few weeks ago. Very hard to make any fucking putts, not unusual for me.

Singlets is still out injured, pulled a muscle in his chest, claiming it hurts, fucking sook. Stickers has a new swing method and a new putting method. In his defense, both worked pretty well for most of the day, maybe he was a bit shaky under the pressure of Shooter but that’s to be expected.

Contribution declared on the 1st tee that he would only be good for 9 holes, so we decided that we would have a bet for best gross over 9 holes with Contribution having 5 start. Stickers and I had a second bet for $10 stroke over 18 holes. Fuck me, after Contribution hit Driver, 3 Wood then pitched it in from 30 meters on 3 for birdie, I thought the win might be a tough ask.

Through 6 it’s all still pretty close, that’s until Shooter hits it to 10 feet and makes a putt on 7 for birdie to throw the Sparkles (Singlets cat) amongst the pigeons.

Contribution hits a drive in the piss from 8 tee, Stickers and Shooter make 4 from the fairway and Contribution’s tilt at the 9 hole title sinks with his Callaway.

Bet 1 complete, the Chopper envelope hasn’t see money from these boys for a while, feels good to get some more deposits.

Stickers 3 behind through 9, to his credit, he still thought he was a chance. Maybe it’s like when you keep telling yourself something over and over again you start to believe your own bullshit, just like when Stickers tells himself he is a humanitarian, we all know he is just another tourist rooter.

Shooter holes a 30 footer on 10 for birdie, Stickers nearly shits himself. 4 shot lead. Stickers hits a smother hook from 12 tee up against a tree, takes a couple to get out and hits another left swinger on 13….splash…..double…..all over…thank your mother for the rabbits.

By 16 green Shooter is still even par and Stickers is grasping for straws to resurrect his flagging run of bets. 17 tee Stickers comes up with another bet. Last 2 for a drink. Shooter agrees, why not I thought, I already had a little $20 credit.

17, playing 185 downwind, Shooter hits a 5 iron, lands on the front of the green goes to the back, Stickers hits a 4 iron, pin high left, 20 feet from the hole. Stickers first putt is awful, leaves it 10 feet short of hole. Shooter holes it from 50 feet, always looked in.

Stickers misses next because he is still shaking so much.

1 to play, Shooter has a 2 shot lead, 3rd to 15 feet, Stickers now knows he is done for all 3 bets today, he tried his best though. Drinks at the clubhouse, then fish and chips after visiting Singlets to watch the last couple of holes of the Hong Kong open.

Missed our Sunday’s, now I remember that it’s fun.

Shooter out


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