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Another year gone, another adventure starts


Here we go again, its been a year (or so) since the last post. Shooter, and the many people who handle the media side of Shooter Inc must have been busy doing some other stuff.

All in all, most things don’t change.

Singlets is still an angry man who loves playing golf …. until he hits a shot a foot offline, then its a red rag to a bull and he is off, I must admit he is a tad less aggressive since throwing a club from a green, 30 meters to a golf cart that wasn’t his own and the clubhead hit Shooter’s phone. His blood pressure must get as high as 180/100 sometimes. With the imminent demise of online poker in Australia, Singlets will have to find something else to do to while away the hours every afternoon. Heaven forbid he practices or stays for a drink after golf. Unheard of.

Stickers is still working on new putting methods, the current evolution is the claw with pencil attachment. The “clawcil” showed promise early but the love affair was fading as of yesterday. The new putting method will have to include a move to stop him breaking his fingernails, the manicure cost is killing him. New irons have arrived in the Stickers stable since the eventful Sydney trip last year, they have had an unremarkable effect on the scoring ability. So much for club fitting, more like wallet emptying.

Contribution is getting better most outings despite saying he wants to play 9 holes each time he tees it up. Lead by the insatiable drive of all political zealots, Contribution consumes all commentary in relation to “The Donald” with an unwavering appetite. Throw that together with the burning hatred of “the spineless” Malcolm Turnbull for knifing ” The Great” Tony Abbott and you are in for not only an informed afternoon but a round where you wished golf carts went faster.

Blisters has been and gone twice since the last post, both times he was all mouth before arriving, then after the first day he was dizzy, jeg lag ridden and worn out. He maintained the charade until his bank account was drained and he boarded the plane for home. Shortly after he claimed he won a golf cart, a burgundy one. As is turned out that was not entirely true, just like his talk up behaviour before arriving. We are hoping he will arrive again soon, we could all do with the cashflow.

Shooter has been doing what Shooter does, playing some golf, holing nothing and trying to stay out of trouble. Looking and wishing for the time the lads agree to play an individual event again, I could really do with the cash. New Pro V1 balls don’t grow on trees you know.

Stay tuned for upcoming entries:

Ready Shooter out


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